2025 Planner and Notebook Line Up Sneak Peeks

Wonderland 222 2025 Tomoe River paper planner and notebook sneak peeks

Over the past couple weeks we have been sharing sneak peeks of our 2025 lineup with new additions and some design updates!  If you are not following us on social media, we wanted to make sure this info hit your email in box.  Please take a look at what is coming for 2025.   Pre-Orders will open this month after we make some updates to our website.

#1 Cover Colors and Material 

Beautiful PNW neutral color palette. Cover material will be a soft faux leather texture.

#2 Cover Redesign

More minimal cover design with book type labels added

Wonderland 222 Planner and Notebook 2025 Covers

#3 Redesigned Headers

More concise and minimal headers 

Wonderland 222 2025 Planners and Notebooks featuring Tomoe River paper by Tomoegawa

#4 Weekend Shading Update

Weekend shading removed with the exception the weekend (Sat -Sun labels) and the top two rows of the monthly boxes on the monthly layout. 

Wonderland 222 2025 Planners and Notebooks featuring Tomoe River paper by Tomoegawa

#5 Quarterly Layout Redesign (more like an overhaul)

  • Removed the hard lines between each month to create continuos days for the entire quarter.  This change makes it easier to view events that flow from one month to the next. 

  • Removed the weekend shading in the month boxes but retained the darker shading in the headers to provide a more subtle weekend cue.

  • Replaced the large month label watermark with smaller, more minimal labels positioned to the left of each month.

  • Additionally, we eliminated the hard line breaks in the notes sections.  This provides more writing space for each quarter and allows for more flexible note-taking, accommodating more or less information as needed per quarter.
Wonderland 222 2025 Planner Quarterly Layout

#6 All New B6 with Unstacked Weekends

Now the A5 and B6 will have both Unstacked and Stacked weekend versions. 

Wonderland 222 2025 All New B6 Unstacked weekends featuring Tomoe River paper by Tomoegawa. Available in 288 page core version or 576 page All-in-One

#7 All New A6 All-in-One

The A6 288 page core planner will now have a beautiful 576 page sibling for those that want 365 days in one book. 

Wonderland 222 2025 All New A6 576 page All-in-One

#8 All New A5 All-in-One Undated

Joining the A5 Undated line up is the 576 page All-in-One.  This will be available with both stacked and unstacked weekends.

Wonderland 222 All New A5 576 page All-in-One Undated Planner

#9 Undated Design update for the new All-in-One

  • Removed all timelines 
  • Removed all labels and headers 
  • no weekend shading 
  • Stacked and unstacked weekend versions
Wonderland 222 Undated Weekly Planner featuring Tomoe River

#10 Tomoe River paper by Tomoegawa

Rejoice all Tomoegawa Tomoe River paper fans! (Please share the news with other TRP Tomoegawa aficionados!) 

When it was announced that production of TRP was moving to a new manufacturer (Sanzen), we bought as much paper from the original manufacturer, Tomoegawa, as we could afford.

All 2025 books will have TRP by Tomoegawa with the exception of the A5 Undated books.  

Wonderland 222 2025 Planners and Notebooks featuring Tomoe River paper by Tomoegawa






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