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Better Flow

We've all heard it said before- the best planner is the one that's used. The A5 2020 Weekly WonderPlanner opens with key and index pages for easily indexing your notes and meetings throughout your planner.  The Four Year, Yearly Plan, Quarterly, and Routine/Project Tracker sections follow and provide a variety of different time management planning options. 


Then the meat and potatoes are served one month at a time by placing a monthly overview page before the start of a new month. This section can be used for broader items like budgeting or other trackable items. Following every monthly overview page is the two page monthly layout, which speaks well for itself. Next are the glorious two page weekly vertical layouts.


Let's hit the pause button for a moment and talk about the weekly layout. These have been designed, then redesigned and designed again. We didn't just make this perfect, we perfected our perfection. Each week is divided into sections by darker vertical lines

A5 2020 Tomoe River Paper WonderPlanner Monthly Layout

Each day is divided into sections by darker horizontal lines to mark from 7am to 9pm, and lighter solid lines to mark noon and 5pm, which gives you 5 hours in the morning, 5 hours in the afternoon, and 5 hours in the evening. With the use of the top and bottom areas each weekly spread offers the ability to either start your day at 7am or 4am and end at 9 or past midnight. Those top and bottom areas are also handy for meal plans, exercise activities, or other functions. The weekends are darkened to help keep the eye from wandering away from the weekdays. There is also a small month in the lower right corner with the current week highlighted to give you a quick view of the week in relation to the other weeks of that current month.

Following the weekly and monthly layouts are the daily pages. This is where the magic happens. When we think of a compact planner, we generally want something that fits in a purse or even pocket. The downside of this is you have less room to make notes throughout the year... UNLESS you have a bunch of daily pages in the back. These undated pages are conveniently numbered, which can be used as reference and are often times noted throughout the weekly and monthly sections and can be stand-alone pages marked throughout the Index.

Another aspect of this planner which we have intentionally incorporated in our layout is the opacity of the ink used for each line and number. You may wonder why is the book printed lighter than most? The answer- so the items on the page do not hinder with the flow of the eye. We want to give you enough structure so you can appreciate the time and day in relation to the rest of the week or month, but keeping it light enough to allow creative freedom to customize the layouts to your own specific requirements. This book isn't printed on Tomoe River paper for no reason- If you're feeling rainbows on any given day, we don't want our well thought out design getting in the way of your awesome artistic skills.