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MiniJoy Calendar Washi (12 Transparent Sheets)


These handy little washi stickers are perfect for dating an undated planner, notebooks, bullet journals and for minimal functional planning.

The Dark, Light, Multi-Color, and Succulent Dot style includes twelve numbered sheets, which number from 1 through 31.  8mm (5/16 inch) diameter.

The Pastel Ribbon style includes dots numbered 1-31 and four blank stickers.  There are twelve sheets, one for each month.  9mm x 8mm (3/8 x 5/16 inch).

The Shapes style are great for marking special events to help capture attention. Each pack includes 6 different sheets with 47 stickers per sheet (282 total). All 6 sheets are slightly different with two main themes, one with solid colors and the other with white stripes and dots.  9mm (3/8 inch)

Note: The white numbers on the stickers are NOT OPAQUE WHITE, they are transparent so the number will show the color of the surface underneath just as other washi.

Hybrid Bullet Journal (BUJO)

Wonderland 222 planners and notebooks have numbered pages and both books include an index and key.

For those of you that love the idea of bullet journaling but do not have the time to draw out your reoccurring planning layouts like the monthly and weekly layouts, you are still able to index your notes, lists, goals with the convenience of having your layouts ready made.

Schedule in your appointments on your weekly layouts and reference the page number in the undated dailies for your meeting notes. Index all your lists, brain dumps, future logs, illustrations, journal entries etc. If you are like me, I like to know exactly where I can find my meeting notes and future planning logs! 

Tomoe River Paper

Tomoe River Paper is ultra thin at 52gsm, ultra smooth and incredibly fountain pen and watercolor friendly. We chose this paper for our planner and notebook not only to provide a fine writing experience but also for functionality. We wanted our books to be lightweight, flexible and portable. For first time users of Tomoe River Paper, you will notice the paper is slightly transparent and as you write, plan, watercolor through your planner or notebook you will see your book expand with your words and illustrations. You will also get to experience, what many find endearing, that magic “crinkle”.