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Juneteenth Added to Wonderland 222 Planner Layouts

Posted by Liisa Roberts on
Juneteenth added to all Wonderland 222 Tomoe River Paper Planners

Juneteenth added to all Wonderland 222 Tomoe River Paper Planners


Andy and I wanted to take a moment, during these challenging times, to make sure we voice our support for the Black Lives Matter movement.  

Our customer, Regina, requested that Juneteeth be added to our list of National Observances for the next planner year.   I informed her that we had removed all of the additional observances and if we added them again, we would certainly include Juneteenth.  After speaking with Regina, Andy and I were made aware how significant this date is, and should be, so we decided to pull our planner from our printer and have Juneteenth added starting with our 2021 planners.  

I am sadden to think that I have lived in so many of our states over the years and such an important National Observance in the US is often not even a mention.  We stand in solidarity with BLM and POC and we hope by adding Juneteenth we are taking steps to be part of the solution and the healing that a majority of this country is crying out for at this time. 

I appreciate to my core that Regina took time to reach out to us to make this very important request!!

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