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Our Mission 

At Wonderland 222, we strive to create beautiful and minimalist designed planners and notebooks that, not only, inspire functional planning but also inspires creative planning and journaling. We believe that the power of a well-designed planner and notebook goes beyond just keeping track of tasks and appointments. It serves as a canvas for self-expression, a source of inspiration, and a tool for personal and professional growth.

About us

Liisa Roberts

Wonderland 222 Tomoe River Paper Planners and Notebooks Green Wall

Liisa is a freelance photographer, a natural light wrangler, rainbow hunter, cruelty FREEdom fighter, friend to all animals, lover of all things green, mom super star and proud wife of a naval aviator.

The Wonderland planner and notebook system has been on my mind for many years. It stemmed from the nightmare process that I would under go each year when it was time to choose a new planner. Similar to Goldielocks and the Three Bears conundrum: Columns too wide here, not wide enough with this one, Sunday start week vs Monday, not enough note pages with this one, too many over here. Nothing felt just right.

My planner project began to take shape after teaming up with Andy Panske, a talented illustrator / graphic designer. We released our first planner and notebook in 2020.   I am extremely proud of our two book system and could not have done this without the graphic design expertise and a bucket load of patience from Andy.

We intend to grow our product line by combining our individual artistic and technical skills. Our skills are a perfect compliment to the other's. What’s salt without pepper? Peanut butter without jelly? We are kinda like the WonderTwins you know form of a pail of water or ice …. I mean form of a graphic designer and form of a photographer.

Please join Andy and I on your planning and journaling journeys this year and the coming years.  We love and appreciate our Wonderland 222 community!

Andy Panske

Wonderland 222 Tomoe River Paper Planners and Notebooks.  Watercolor and Fountain Pen Friendly
Andy comes to the table with an engineering background and love for illustration. Living for the last 15 years in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, he's lived actively harvesting wild game, berries, and firewood. Raising three young boys and a Wire Haired Pointer, they explored and discovered much. Husband to his high school sweetheart, they have learned and grown through seemingly many life times together.
He's recently been part of the publishing of several award winning reading curriculum books. Illustrated several projects and lead the development of layout and design.
Andy loves life and believes in helping and encouraging others reach their highest potential. Every challenge is an opportunity to learn something new and gaining a deeper understanding. There may be a day where it can to be shared with someone else along the way.