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Knitted Nettle

Ink Tone: Dark Teal with Duochrome gold/pink shimmer 

Characteristics: Deep, mysterious, velveteen, enigmatic


• 20ml ink reservoir

• Red Sheen

• Gold/Pink Shimmer

• Water-based and compatible with all fountain pens

• Signature brass cap

With the multifunctional Planner Purse, you can now carry your planner effortlessly while keeping your hands free as a crossbody bag, carry as a simple wristlet or a simple planner cover without any straps. Fits all A5, B6 and A6 planners.

New Ink Release

Ink Tone: Light Blue with Duochrome gold/pink shimmer

Characteristics: Radiant, glowing, sunny, rejuvenating


• 20ml ink reservoir

• High Shading

• Gold/Pink Shimmer

• Water-based and compatible with all fountain pens

• Signature brass cap

New Poison Envy Ink and Carousel Fountain Pen by Ferris Wheel Press

With each stroke of your pen, the deep velvet purple ink lurks upon the page, and casts a spell of dark allure with glimmering Duochrome green shimmer.

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Colorverse Ink Spotlight

Cat's Eye Nebula is an ethereal grey-green hued ink, reminiscent of the nebula's ghostly glow with delicate red shimmers like distant stars.

With Cat's Eye Nebula glistening ink, the stars are your storytellers and the cosmos, your endless canvas.


Hybrid Bullet Journal

For those of you that love the idea of bullet journaling but do not have the time to draw out your reoccurring planning layouts like the monthly and weekly layouts, you are still able to index your notes, lists, goals with the convenience of having your layouts ready made.

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New Travel Notebook Themed Stickers

Decorate your planners and notebooks with these beautiful watercolored Travel Notebook and Journal themed stickers.