B6 52gsm Tomoe River Paper 368pg Notebooks Coming Soon!

B6 52gsm Tomoe River Paper Notebooks by Wonderland 222 coming soon
B6 52gsm Tomoe River Paper Notebooks Coming soon by Wonderland 222
B6 Notebooks coming soon. Andy and I are waiting for our copies to review before our official print run. We are right on schedule for end of Q1 release. These are the tentative cover colors for the B6 52gsm Tomoe River Paper Notebooks. We will offer two color choices. The B6 2021 planner, that will be available this year, will have a different color cover (tbd).


  • wonderland222 on

    Hi Mandy, The B6 layout will essentially be the same as the A5 layout.

  • wonderland222 on

    Hey Bobby,

    We hope the print throughout our books is light enough, especially on the weekly timeline, that you can ignore it and simply write over top yet dark enough for others that need some structure to use it… thank you for your comment.

  • Mandy on

    Hello, I’m a B6 fan and was wondering if the layout of the weekly planner will be the same as the A5 or if it will be changed? Thanks!

  • Bobby V on

    Please offer a version without the timeline. Seriously, it’s completely useless.

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