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Wonderland 222 Customer Reviews

Posted by Liisa Roberts on
Customer Reviews for Wonderland 222 Tomoe River Paper planners and notebooks from Etsy

Customer Reviews for Wonderland 222 Tomoe River Paper planners and notebooks from Etsy
We wanted to share a link to our reviews from Etsy while we are working on a better way to incorporate product reviews on our site.  We hope these reviews will help when making a decision to give our notebooks and planners a try.  :)

Etsy Wonderland 222 Customer Reviews

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  • Elizabeth Meszaros on

    This is my favorite planner! Everything in it is perfect and functional! Great prices as well!

  • Katie on

    Love this planner! TRP and from my hometown that I haven’t been able to return to for almost a decade. Shipping is fast, quality is great.

  • Teresa Hammond on

    All around you can’t beat the full service and amazing products of Wonderland 222.

  • Kaylene Marks on

    I was amazing at how quickly my planner arrived to me in Australia – especially in covid mail climate. The B6 weekly is perfect. I feel I have plenty of space in the columns and can branch out into daily pages if needed. The books are so cute!! I have the A6 notebook as well. They feel light and compact. They easily fit in my covers with the clear cover on. I’ll certainly be ordering my 2022 planners in w222.

  • Catherine Cantrell on

    Second year. Still in love with the features, layout, lightning fast service, and overall responsiveness to customer feedback.

    I am a planner junkie and often jump into one of my other planners for a day or even a week, but most US planners are basically workbooks. (I’m not a 5th grader, so….)

    I always come back to my Wonderland. It totally flexes to whatever I’m in the mood for each week: bullet journal, GTD-type methods, miracle morning rituals, just scheduling appointments, meetings, and to-dos.

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