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Spacing HighTide Landscape Index Tabs in 2020 WonderPlanner

Posted by Liisa Roberts on
High Tide Landscape Index Tabs in 2020 Tomoe River Paper Weekly WonderPlanner

Measuring Guide for Landscape Index Tabs

I like using HighTide's landscape index tabs for the WonderPlanner and Notebook (found on Etsy).  They look nice and tidy and are more durable than paper index tabs.  

Here's a quick rundown of how Andrew installed them so they are evenly spaced:

  • Make a simple ruler using scrap paper by folding or cutting to the height of the planner 
  • Make your first mark 1/4" from the top  
  • Make marks 9/16" down for all 12 months
  • Line up the top of each HighTide tab to the corresponding month mark on your ruler 

That's it.. done evenly spaced index tabs.  


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