Transfer of Tomoe River Paper Products

Tomoegawa announcement.  Transferring Tomoe River Paper products to Sanzen Paper Manufacturing Co., Ltd

**We are a little late on our update to the future of Tomoe River Paper but alas here it is!

Many of us have waited anxiously to hear the fate of our beloved Tomoe River Paper, we finally have official word!  On October 28, 2021, Tomoegawa announced that Sanzen Paper Manufacturing will take over production of TRP. 

"..the product sales contract, trademark rights and inventory will be transferred to Sanzen Paper Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and "Tomoe River" products manufacturing and sales will be taken over and continued by Sanzen Paper Manufacturing Co., Ltd."

Please check out the link below to read the announcement on the Tomoegawa website. 

Transfer of Tome River Paper Products

Andy and I have been working to find an alternative paper in the event Tomoe River Paper just ceased to exist.   We feel good about the transfer of the manufacturing process to Sanzen Paper for the coming years.  We hope to have paper samples from their machines soon.  

During this transitional period, we are happy to announce that we have secured our paper for the 2023 Planners and Notebooks using some of Tomoegawa's last inventory of 52gsm TRP!!  We are so relieved to have a bit of time to exhale while we test the new paper.   We, of course, will report back to you all once we get our hands and pens on the new samples.   

Wonderland 222 Tomoe River Paper planners and notebooks Tomegawa

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  • Marcell on

    I’m glad to hear you’ll have until 2023. I’m your new customer dedicated to your American calendar product.

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