Ferris Wheel Press | Frontenac Blue 38ml

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Ink Tone: Icy Teal with Blue Shimmer
Characteristics: Cool, Icy

Transported through the window of the treasured snowglobe, Bearnice's thoughts drift back to the winters of childhood, when she and her beloved grandmother would go skating in the park and partake in whimsical winter activities. With a tender shake, a vivid scene conjures: a winter wonderland with a gleaming skating rink and a whimsical carousel, stirring memories of family and friends. Snowflakes within twirl like precious moments, mirroring the twinkling lights of a long-forgotten carnival. In the depths of this icy blue, tales of warmth, kinship, and enchantment beckon, just as they did in Bearnice's cherished recollections.


• 38ml ink reservoir
• Blue Shimmer
• Cool and Icy tones
• Water-based and compatible with all fountain pens
• Signature brass cap

Once Upon a Design

Notable design details:

  • A young Bearnice and her grandmother Grizzelda stand enamoured by the sight of an enchanting carousel captured in a snowglobe.
  • Taking inspiration from beautiful Québec City, known for its fantastic winter festivities, the regal Château Frontenac sits stoically in the distance.
  • Our animal friends from this past year all come together to twirl on skates, partaking in a multitude of ice-sports; figure skating, ice hockey, and “falling on your bottom”.
  • Twinkling bottle lights cast a soft glow on the scene, lighting up the snow covered trees decked in hex nuts and christmas ornaments.


ATTENTION DISCLAIMER:  If ordering ink during the winter months, do not leave package exposed longterm in freezing temps.  The inks can freeze and bottles break.  Unfortunately, we are unable to refund your ink purchase if bottles burst in freezing temps.