Ferris Wheel Press | Malibu Blush 38ml

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Ink Tone: Vibrant Pink
Characteristics: Energetic, fun, lively, beautiful shading


Grab your swimsuit and get ready to hit the sun-kissed beaches of Malibu! We've crafted our most exciting shade of pink, capturing the electrifying energy of California's most iconic beach town. Join Ms. Bear on the last leg of her coastal road trip as she saunters across the sandy shores of the Pacific Ocean. We've bottled the essence of the Malibu coastline in this vibrant shade of pink to inspire your next seaside escape.


• 38ml ink reservoir
• Rich and saturated tones
• High shading 
• Water-based and compatible with all fountain pens
• Signature brass cap

Once Upon a Design

Join us on a trek across the West Coast, from San Francisco to the beaches of Malibu, as we explore the beauty of the Sunshine State. Inspired by the natural beauty of the California landscape and the wild and free open road, we bring you three energetic and luscious colours: Blue Yosemite Falls, Golden Gate Glow, and Malibu Blush. We invite you to pen your next cross-country roadtrip adventure with the Dreaming in California Collection.

Notable design details:

  • Ms. Bear is kitted out for her favourite pastime of surfing - a true Cali Girl!
  • The beaches of Malibu are the perfect locale to try your hand at some water sports - try some parasailing, sailing, or water hoverboarding.
  • Playful water-bound animals splash in the surf, welcoming the land lubbers to their home.
  • Lush hibiscus bloom along the beach, providing inspiration for some iconic beachwear.
  • The sun sets on the horizon for an iconic Malibu sunset - the namesake for the cocktail being enjoyed by many beachgoers.
  • Grab a chair and lounge in the shade of the ink-bottle Palms that pepper the beach.

ATTENTION DISCLAIMER:  If ordering ink during the winter months, do not leave package exposed longterm in freezing temps.  The inks can freeze and bottles break.  Unfortunately, we are unable to refund your ink purchase if bottles burst in freezing temps.