FerriTales™ Ferris Wheel Press | Down the Rabbit Hole | Adventurine 20ml

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Ink Tone: Slate Grey, Teal Duo-shade, Rose Gold Shimmer
Characteristics: High-shading, subtle, soft, muted, mysterious


• 20ml ink reservoir

• Rich and saturated tones

• Rose Gold Shimmer

• Duo Shade

• Water-based and compatible with all fountain pens

• Signature brass cap

Once Upon a Design

A boring afternoon can take an unexpected turn if we just make believe! The Looking-Glass above the mantle reflects the sitting room until the glass turns soft like gauze. In an instant, we can reach through the iridescent barrier and find ourselves in the Looking-Glass House where everything has been turned topsy-turvy. On this side of the mirror, paintings refuse to stay confined to their frames. Instead, painted teapots fill stacks of sketched teacups, and portraits converse with each other. Take a step through the Looking-Glass and let your adventure begin!

Notable design details:

  • Interior bottle opening: 10mm wide to fit a variety of writing instruments
  • Atop fanciful mantles stacked full of curiosities are royal portraits and Looking-Glasses soft enough to fall through!
  • A gallery wall that looks similar to one you know from home but somehow everything has turned topsy-turvy!
  • Some mirrors look very odd: instead of yourself staring back, you find yourself peering into an iridescent abyss
  • Mushrooms overgrow their frames, teapots fill their neighbouring teacups, and oh! Where did that little kitty come from?
  • Those roses still need painting! Thankfully, these frames are no match for this ladder!

ATTENTION DISCLAIMER:  If ordering ink during the winter months, do not leave package exposed longterm in freezing temps.  The inks can freeze and bottles break.  Unfortunately, we are unable to refund your ink purchase if bottles burst in freezing temps.